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Metal Wall Art Magnetic Hanging Hardware

Metal Wall Art Magnetic Hanging Hardware

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Say goodbye to the hassle of figuring out how to perfectly hang our splendid metal signs! Introducing our ingenious solution – installation has never been this effortless.

With our discreet and seamless magnetic mounting system, your metal sign will appear to effortlessly float on your wall. Here's how it works: Fix the four round magnets securely onto your desired wall spots using the accompanying screws. Gently position your cherished metal sign atop the magnets, cleverly concealing them from view. The result? A flawless display, devoid of any unsightly hanging hardware.

Rest assured, you'll receive a set of four round magnets and four screws, rendering any extra materials unnecessary. These magnets possess dimensions of 0.75" in diameter and a thickness of 0.25", while the screws span a length of 1.5".

Effortlessly accommodating signs up to the generous size of 23.5" (excluding clocks), these mighty magnets offer unwavering support. However, kindly note that clocks are an exception due to the unique thickness of their clock hand mechanisms.

Important to note: These magnets are potent, so handle with care. Once detached, keep them from coming into contact with each other or any metallic surfaces, as the resulting impact could cause damage to both the magnets and the surfaces they adhere to. Your metal sign display just received a magnetic makeover!

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Proudly Made In The USA

Nestled within the heart of the United States, Stoney Point Sign Co stands as a beacon of local pride, passionately offering an exquisite collection of metal wall art, all proudly made in the USA. Learn more about the art you are purchasing and how it will last for generations.