Proudly Made In The USA

All of our metal wall art is proudly made in the USA.

Discover the artistry of our monogrammed and personalized treasures, meticulously crafted on an enchanting Amish family farm in Michigan. Fashioned from robust 16 gauge steel, these creations manifest in five distinct sizes and an array of five captivating colors:  black, gold, silver, white, copper.

Venture further into our realm and explore a spectrum of additional metal wall art, emanating from the heart of the southern United States. Crafted with finesse from 18 gauge steel, these masterpieces offer six resplendent sizes and an expansive palette of five mesmerizing colors:  black, red, silver, white, copper.

Every piece, whether birthed amidst the tranquil Amish landscapes or the spirited workshops of the southern small business, is an embodiment of durability. Adorned with a protective powder coat, they stand unyielding against time and the elements, gracing your surroundings with their allure both indoors and outdoors. A cherished legacy in the making, destined to delight not just your days, but generations to come.

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